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Hi there!If you have found this section, you may be interested in working with us, and are curious to learn a thing or two about our privacy policy, and general terms. We have grouped the policies, terms, and conditions of working with us here for your convenience.Should you require assistance or have any questions, feel free to contact us using the form at the bottom of the site or by clicking the button below for direct access. We are looking forward to connecting and exploring the possibilities together!

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1. We, the data controller, are One for Two (1for2 Social Innovation), Heiman Dullaertplein 112, 3024 CD Rotterdam.
2. As Mediators, Coaches, Profilers, Confidential Counselors, and Trainers, we require data to work with and for you. Working for you could involve creating an action plan, a mediation agreement, and a settlement agreement and sending invoices. All these activities necessitate data that we ask from you. The basis for processing is that you provide us consent, that we jointly execute the established plan or mediation agreement, and in the case of your Social Security Number (BSN), that the Court requires it. Without these data, we cannot work for you, and in most cases, we must suspend our services for you.
3. We need personal information[] from you to execute an action plan or mediation agreement and achieve the objectives therein. The data you provide us are only shared with others within the scope of our work, in mediation with the Court and the lawyer filing a request with the court or with the opposing party in a settlement agreement. This always happens only with your full consent, which you also sign for. Additionally, we operate in a secure environment and use software for certain calculations (alimony) that acts as a processor of your data. We have a data processing agreement with the supplier to ensure their careful handling of your data.
4. Your data are safe with us, and we do not share them with others beyond what's mentioned above. We retain mediation documents as long as the mediation is ongoing. After that, they are stored in an archive to meet the requirements of our professional group. The retention period is related to legal retention periods, after which we delete all your data. During the retention period, you can contact us with questions. You can also request to know which data we have and have them removed[2].
5. For our work, we sometimes use data from other sources. For instance, using your car's license plate, we estimate the market value of your car through a public website like the ANWB (Royal Dutch Touring Club). The results of such estimations are always discussed with you.
6. We do not work with your data in any other way. We do not combine them for profiling or automated decision-making; they are not linked to other databases.
7. We take the protection of your data seriously and implement appropriate measures to prevent misuse, loss, unauthorized access, unwanted disclosure, and unauthorized alterations. If you suspect your data are not adequately secured, or you notice signs of misuse, be sure to contact us immediately
8. The following measures have been taken to secure your personal data:
a. Data entrusted to us are stored carefully.
b. Security software, including antivirus and firewall.
c. TLS (formerly SSL) - We send your data over a secure internet connection. You can see this in the address bar 'https' and the padlock icon in the address bar.
d. DKIM, SPF, and DMARC are three internet standards we use to prevent you from receiving emails in our name that contain viruses, are spam, or intend to obtain personal (login) information.
e. DNSSEC is an extra security layer (in addition to DNS) for converting a domain name into a linked IP address; it is equipped with a digital signature. You can have that signature checked automatically. This way, we prevent you from being redirected to a fake IP address.
9. In addition to the information outlined above, we want to inform you that we utilize Google Analytics to enhance the user experience of our websites, and we employ Mailchimp to develop and expand our email newsletter. However, we assure you that we do not engage in data enrichment or resale. Furthermore, we do not employ Facebook Pixel or similar techniques that might compromise your data privacy.
10. Lastly: *If, despite our explanation or solution, you believe we are not handling your privacy-sensitive data correctly, you can file a complaint with the supervisory authority, www. AutoriteitPersoonsgegevens.nl.
[1] This pertains to names, gender, birthdate, birthplace, address details, phone number, email addresses, and in the case of divorce, marriage date and place, bank account number(s), and assets and debts of you and minors/young adults for whom you are responsible.[2] Deleting data may mean that we can no longer perform tasks for you. This request must accompany a copy of your identification to verify the requester's identity. Deletion will not occur within 18 months after the termination of mediation under Article 12 of the MfN regulation.Click to Download this Policy

Attention is our craft


0. One for Two (Een voor Twee, in Dutch) has been registered with the Chamber of Commerce since November 6, 2000. Until 2017, business was conducted with individuals and organizations without General Terms and Conditions. Recent observations indicate that society, individuals, and organizations approach 'doing business' differently. The provisions below add to the perceived changes and protect what 1for2 Social Innovation stands for, putting people first and maintaining transparency throughout the process. The human touch is the expertise of 1for2 Social Innovation; Attention is our craft. We trust that any differences in understanding can be resolved through human connection.
1. These general terms and conditions apply to One for Two, registered with the Chamber of Commerce Rotterdam, under number 11049125. One for Two also operates under the name 1for2 Social Innovation. These general terms and conditions apply to offers and agreements made on behalf of both trade names.
2. The general terms and conditions of 1for2 Social Innovation were deposited with the Chamber of Commerce Rivierenland on July 1, 2017.
3. When making offers/providing proposals, these general terms and conditions are always provided (digitally). The general terms and conditions and the purchasing conditions of intended clients (the offered organization/legal entity) are rejected and are not applicable upon commissioning.
1. 1for2 Social Innovation and the client confirm their collaboration verbally and through a written signed order confirmation (including email).
1. Only when agreed in writing, each participant receives a handout containing covered topics, cases, assignments, and exercises. Up to 2 months after the final execution day, participants can contact 1for2 Social Innovation for questions related to covered topics at the prevailing hourly rate.
2. Any materials provided during all engagements by the executing party are the (intellectual) property of 1for2 Social Innovation and may not be copied without prior agreement from 1for2 Social Innovation.
1. 1for2 Social Innovation commits to executing given tasks to the best of its insight and ability. It's always an obligation of effort and never a commitment to results.
2. Neither 1for2 Social Innovation nor its employees, staff, or contractors hired by 1for2 Social Innovation are liable for any - direct or indirect - damages, in any form whatsoever and regardless of the cause, suffered by the client and participant(s) due to, during, or after the execution of a task related or potentially related to this task's execution.
ARTICLE 3. OFFERS, QUOTES, AGREEMENTS, RATES, AND PAYMENT, ADDITIONAL WORK, AND CANCELLATIONS1. It's worth noting that our quotes are valid for a period of 30 days. Additionally, our rates, as outlined in our quotations, will be indexed annually on January 1st. We strive to maintain a clear and fair framework that supports productive collaborations with our valued clients. Additional work is confirmed in writing after consultation between the client and 1for2 Social Innovation.
2. Payment must be within 14 days of the invoice date. Invoicing is done in advance unless otherwise agreed. In case of overdue payments, 1for2 Social Innovation is entitled to charge statutory interest.
3. For cancellations, we require written notice. Cancellation costs are structured as follows: 25% of the cost if canceled within 28 days before the execution date, 50% if canceled within 7 days before the execution date, and 100% if canceled within 48 hours of the execution date. Any unrecoverable costs incurred by 1for2 Social Innovation from third-party providers will be fully invoiced.
4. For Article 4.3, 1for2 Social Innovation offers an "insurance" that can be purchased upon commissioning. This "insurance" allows the client to reschedule free of charge (without reason) from 28 days before the task to the task's date itself. The cost is a one-time €250 excluding VAT.
5. Non-attendance by an individual client without prior consultation results in the client owing 1for2 Social Innovation 100% of the agreed consultation fee. This amount will be invoiced separately.
6. In situations where illness or force majeure compels 1for2 Social Innovation to cancel engagements, we will promptly arrange a new execution date in consultation with the client.
7. Refunds, if applicable, will be processed within 14 days following the execution day, accompanied by a credit invoice that outlines the reconciliation. Refunds will be transferred exclusively to the bank account number from which the payment was initially received.
1. Costs for external location(s): The (rental) costs of a location, facilities, and meals and beverages for both participants and performers regarding the task are at the client's expense and will be invoiced directly to the client.
2. Travel expenses: 1for2 Social Innovation charges the client €0.39 per kilometer for work on location. This is calculated from the location of 1for2 Social Innovation, Rotterdam.
3. Accommodation expenses: specific situations may require an accommodation fee; in such cases, it will be described in the offer.
4. Execution outside regular office hours: professional input/guidance after 5:00 PM and on weekends will be invoiced with a 50% surcharge on the agreed rates, unless otherwise agreed in writing.
1. 1for2 Social Innovation treats all participant information as professional secrecy. There is no statute of limitations.
2. Information about participants is only provided to third parties after participant's (verbal and/or written) consent.
3. All participant information is retained for 5 years and then destroyed.
4. The digital results of the Insights Discovery® profile are stored by Insights Benelux B.V., based in Haarlem. A certified Insights Discovery consultant can only access a client’s data with permission. Clients are always asked for written and verbal consent before transferring their data to another certified Insights Discovery consultant.
5. Only when there is a clear suspicion that the participant/client might seriously harm themselves or others, will 1for2 Social Innovation breach professional secrecy, and only in cases where 1for2 Social Innovation lacks professional expertise to protect the client and/or other individuals from the client.
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